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I have over 35 years of experience representing Debtors who through no fault of their own become unable to timely pay their debt. I understand the fear of unmanageable debt. Unpaid Debt does not disappear but grows with interest and collections costs. Ohio Courts allow years to collect unpaid debt, and some creditors take years to take action. Bankruptcy allows you to protect yourself and your family from future collection and harassment.

Filing Bankruptcy freezes lawsuits, garnishment, harassment, collection calls, and utility disconnects. Bankruptcy allows you to get back on the right path to financial freedom. In nearly all cases you can rebuild your credit faster than you can repay your unmanageable debt. It isn’t necessary to suffer through years of unmanageable minimum payments.

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Bankruptcy is a last resort when you realize you are not able to repay your debt. Some signs of unmanageable debt and reasons to file Bankruptcy include:

  • Struggling to pay rent, utilities, and reasonable living expenses

  • Paying one debt with another debt

  • Borrowing from friends and family or use their credit

  • Lawsuits and collection calls

  • 401k loans to play catch up

  • Pay day loans and loans from your employer

  • Foreclosure

  • Repossessed vehicles or payments in arrears

  • Tax debt that can’t be repaid each year

  • Using credit to pay for necessities

  • Failing to pay minimum payments

We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Consider the peace of mind bankruptcy provides and get debt relief started today.

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