Chapter 13 Stops Foreclosure
And Is Your


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Chapter 13 Stops Foreclosure And Is Your Home Rescue Plan.

Chapter 13 allows you to repay the past due payments on your mortgage over 60 months. Your lender is required to accept your payments. The filing of a foreclosure complaint or letter of foreclosure does not stop you from filing a Chapter 13 and keeping your home. Your Case must be filed with the Court before your sheriff’s sale. You will be notified of your sheriff’s sale by letter or notice to your door.

Home Loan Modification Failed?

Mortgage modifications allow you to put your mortgage past due payments back into a new payment plan. Lenders usually will not stop a foreclosure while your mortgage modification is under review. Please be careful about waiting for your loan modification until immediately prior to the end of your foreclosure or sherriff’s sale. Every month that passes without a modification adds 1 month of mortgage payment to the arrears amount due in a Chapter 13.

You can complete your loan modification after your Chapter 13 is filed and lower your Chapter 13 payment to the terms of the loan modification. Don’t wait too long for your loan modification which is never approved to learn your back mortgage payments have increased your Chapter 13 payment.

Please call for an appointment to meet with me to work on your monthly Chapter 13 payment. We represent Ohio clients in Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont county to stop their foreclosure and rescue their home.

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