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Cincinnati Mortgage Forbearance

Chapter 13 allows you to have debt forgiven after 36-60 months of contributions to your creditors. Your contribution payment is usually equal to the amount you have leftover after paying your monthly necessities. Each Chapter 13 debtor has a different payment because each monthly budget is different. You are not normally required to pay 100 % back to your creditors. You pay creditors based upon what is available to you after reasonable monthly expenses.

Stop Foreclosure

  • Chapter 13 Stops Foreclosure and requires your lender to accept payments.

  • Past Due payments are paid back over 60 months/5 years.

  • Act today before your past due payments are greater than you can pay.

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Forbearance is not Forgiveness

If you forbearance has ended call about filing a Chapter 13 to stop accumulating past due payments.

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